Exporting and importing blogs


This is my first post on Jonathan’s Sneaky Dojo 2.0. A few people have asked me, “How do I get the data off my old blog and onto a new blog.”. It’s actually quite easy. But this way is for people who are with wordpress blogs. Websites like wordpress and Global2.

Step 1: Log into your old blog

Step 2: Go into the dashboard

Step 3: Hover over tools then click export. (this is on the left hand side)

Step 4: Click on what you want to keep. E.g if you want everything, then click all content, if you just want the posts, then click posts.

Step 5:Click on download export file, this downloads the file. This is a wordpress file, so remember that because you will need it when importing.

Step 6: Log onto your new blog and go into the dashboard.

Step 7: Hover over tools and click import.

Step 8: Click on wordpress. If you don’t think your file is a wordpress, click on it and read the title.

Step 9: Click choose file and click on your file. Then click upload file and import.

From here , the blog will do the rest. For me, it took about 7 and a half hours to upload. If it takes over 24 hours, you might want to contact the blog. Hope this was helpful.



Racing Safety (Schoolwork)

GT2 RS - Explored

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lucian Bickerton via Compfight

There are plenty of stories about young people dying from driving too fast or risky driving. But there are drivers who know where the driving should happen. But where is the best place to put the petal to the metal and drive fast?


Rhys is an Aussie Racing Series driver at age 16, but has been on the track since he was 7. He believes that because of racing series like the V8 Supercars that mainly young males think they could drive fast without getting injured or killed.  He thinks that the road is no place for speeding at it should all be done at the racetrack. But why is it safer to speed at a racetrack then on the open road?


The public road isn’t designed for racing or speeding, making it a higher chance of injury or death. Unlike public roads,  race tracks are designed for car to reach high speeds. With barriers, marshalls, fences and other safety requirements surrounding the track. Plus, cars are required to have safety equipment in the car such as a roll cage, racing seat and seat belt, and other fancy equipment. So when these cars at 250KPH, the driver only gets a few bumps and bruises.

So the simple solution to road safety is obey the road laws and drive carefully. If you what to speed, take it to the track.

Chromebook Reflection (schoolwork)

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Olga Díez via Compfight

Recently, our school received new computers to increase our learning experience. I believe the Chromebooks in increase our learning and save time during school work by, made for Google apps such as Google drive to increase productivity, apps to block pop ups and unnecessary ads, designed for online browser use only so it doesn’t have to load up lots of apps, having setting that allow you to personalize our Chromebook to suit our learning needs and the Chromebooks are fast and reliable. They suit the school personal needs along with the students. Any bad behavior can be seen by all teachers which leaves no room for wrong doing. It provides apps such as dictionary and thesaurus that assist us when needed.

Overall, the Chromebook provide good access to school work and other resources.

Holiday Highlights

The Ferris Wheel
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Billy Wilson via Compfight

Hello again.

As you can probably tell from the title, this post is about my holidays. There was nothing too special about my holidays, specially compared to what some of my friends did. 9one of them went skydiving and then bungy jumping. But this isn’t about them, so lets focus on me.

Day 1. Day 1 was the 2nd worst day of the holiday, and it was a monday. I was forced to go into my parents work and be bored until 6:00 P.M. So don’t complain if you were bored at home.

Day 2. Day 2 was just being lazy.

Day 3. Day 3 was just being lazy at home.

Day 4. Day 4 was another day I was forced to go to my parents work, but this time I stayed to 12:30 P.M. Not so bad.

Day 5. Day 5 was good. It was a day I got to do my work out at the gym. Then go home and be lazy.

Day 6. Day 6 was lazy.

Day 7. Day 7 was a Sunday, so I was lazy.

Day 8. Day 8 at was a monday, and was the same as day 1, just not as late.

Day 9. Day 9 was lazy.

Day 10. Day 10 was the best day of them all. It was a wednesday and also one of my friends was having a birthday (No names.). We met as his place and set off for Luna Park. The best theme park in my state. A day of riding a 102 year old roller coaster, and other really fun rides. Then we went back to the birthday boy’s place and had pizza with ice cream cake. I tried to get everyone to stay up until 4:00 A.M but that didn’t work. Then the clock struck midnight.


Credit: simple.wikipedia.org

Day 11. Day 11 started at midnight. One of the birthday boy’s friends was sleeping on the couch, then he rolled over the the bed on the floor and started hugging my friend. So we started laughing our head’s off. Then he moved to the couch and I turned the other way. later he started hugging my feet. We woke him up with our laughter. Then we went back to sleep and started hugging my feet again. This time my friend fell asleep. I kicked him off, then my other friend who was next to me, kicked me in the face. Then I think I went to sleep at 1. And I was the last person to sleep too. Then I woke up at 5:30 A.M and woke everyone else up to. At 10:30 we all left and my day was lazy, again.

Day 12. Day 12 was a Friday, which meant the gym. Then lazy.

Day 13. Day 13 was a saturday, and was very lazy.

Day 14. Day 14 was the last day before school, and was the worst one of them all. I woke up with tonsillitis. The funny thing is that this was my frist time with tonsillitis. I had a sore throat and later that day I had a headache. My brother was being rude about my not helping install the new basketball ring, but Mum went on about how I was not feeling well. My brother wasn’t convinced though.

The next day it got worse, head hurt, my throat was worse, there was a burning feeling in my chest when I took a breathe, and my ears were sore. I still have toonsillitis but I am feeling much better.

Well, that basicly a conclusion of my holidays. Not as good as skydiving, but I got to go to Luna Park.

See you later.


Our Mathematical Action (Schoolwork)

Gimnasia para el Cerebro
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Federico Casares via Compfight

Hello once again.

As usual, school has given me another task to put on my blog. This on was quite different. Ivan and I were given the task to do something mathematical to help the community. So we decided to teach 10 of our students maths a bit above their league but in a way they would understand.

Here is our presentation. (Ivan made the song.)

Ivan and I worked hard to complete our goals. Sorry if you are unable to see any photos. It is because privacy reasons and we didn’t access to a camera anyway.

I hope you enjoyed our presentation, and if you have a good deed that you have done lately, please put it in the comments below.


Magnetic Force (Schoolwork)


Magnetic Fields - 14
Photo Credit: Windell Oskay via Compfight

As part of this terms inquiry, we were asked to do a scientific topic then post it on our blog. Here is what Ivan and I came up with.


I had to delete the last slide due to our faces being on it. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have questions, please put them in the comments below.

P.S My last name isn’t Jonathan Blond. I was trying to think of a funny name, so I typed in Bond.. But when I wasn’t looking, Ivan put the L in. My last name is ******************* (probably not that long).

A Clean, Clean World! (Schoolwork)

Gigantes de viento - Wind Giants
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Pablo Fernández via Compfight

Energy in our world is valuable. We use it in our everyday life, even I am using energy to write this blog post right now. But where does this energy come from and is it clean?

Most of our energy is made from coal. The coal is put into massive generators and burned to produce energy. But this form of energy is not renewable or clean. When burned, the coal will turn to ash and carbon dioxide is released into the air. This damages the atmosphere creating climate change. This is why our sea levels have risen in the past 50 years. So this is not a clean source of energy.

Now you may be thinking, “There must be a solution to all this?. And there is.  There are quite a few, and you may be familiar with some of the. Solar panels, wind turbines, tidal power and hot water panels are some of them. Sounds good, there’s a catch. First, these are expensive to make and install. And only two of these can be installed in the avenged Australian home. To have tidal power in use at your home, you either need a ocean or a river in your backyard. For wind turbines, you need a lot of space.

Tidal Power is not something everyone knows about. It is similar to a wind turbine, but more like a wave or current turbine. It uses currents made from water to make the blades of the turbine spin, creating energy. The blades spins a gearbox, spinning a generator. Then the power goes into the grid. (The grid is where all of our power comes from and is stored.)

Wind turbines are the same as tidal power, just instead of waves and currents, it uses the wind. The only thing left is to hope it is a windy day. Because there will be days where nothing is generated. Same again as tidal power, the blades are connected to a gearbox, which is connected to a generator. When the blades spins, the gearbox spins, then the generator spins generating energy which then travels and gets stored in the grid.

Solar panels are more complicated. The panel is made from velvet. When the sun makes contacted with the velvet, electrons move around like crazy generating electricity. But as your probably guessed, they only worked on sunny days and then again. Only during daylight.

Renewable is not in full used. There was a plan that the Australian government made a few years ago. It said that by 2020, 20% of Australia’s energy will be generated by renewable and sustainable energy sources. Looks like that plan isn’t going ahead. Yes, Australia may have tons of coal, but as I said before, this is not clean and pollutes the sky. Eventually coal will run out and we will have to spend money for more coal in order to use energy to power Australia. So now, we can only hope that the plan goes ahead. Because we need a clean world.

World Cup fever

À Pátria, em seu dia...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eduardo Amorim via Compfight

Hello guys.

Wow this week has been filled with famous world events. Like Le Lams and Fifa world cup which is on now. But when I said world cup in the title I didn’t mean soccer. Just a couple of days ago the Hockey World Cup came to an end with Australia’s Kookaburras taken the men’s title. Sadly the Women’s Hockeyroos didn’t win but they went down with a fight.

But everyone is going crazy for soccer so I better talk about it. I have never been a fan of soccer. I just don’t like it. And with the Fifa world cup happening on it just makes me sad. Brazil is a poor country, so to build the stadiums they have kicked out people from their home. But the main thing is Brazil has paid millions of dollars $ to have this world cup and excluded the poor. Imagine how many people they could have saved from starvation, dehydration, and diseases. This is what disgusts me. How could people just walk through these streets without giving the poor a second thought.

On other news, I know nothing about soccer so I can’t so much about the sport itself. All I know is that the socceroos haven’t won any matches yet (only because I looked it up on google). All I can really say is good luck Australia.

One more thing. If you have time, please tell me in the comments below why is this Fifa world cup so popular. It makes people cry. And you opinion on the Hockey world cup.

See you later

Shinto (Schoolwork)

giant torii gate
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Vernon Fowler via Compfight

Hello viewers.

The teachers in Seniors has given the task to the students to research then present a world religion. So I teamed up with Daniel and Ivan and chose a topic. We chose Shinto because the religion belongs to Japan and Japan is our favourite country. Have you seen their toilets?

So we started research and got together a Google Slide. Here it is.

The religion is was very interesting and far beyond what I expected from this religion. For example I wasn’t expecting their being so many gods. In fact, they are not called gods,. The japanese word for god is Kami (Kar-mi). This religion is filled with fascinating and detailed ways of their life. It’s worth looking at my google slides just to get a basic idea about the religion.

I hope you enjoyed what I had to offer today.


My friends want to go to school!!! 100WC

 Week#33 Send my friend to school

Photo Credit: https://jfb61.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/wpid-photo-20140513172240.jpg

To all world leaders and the ones of pure heart.

Do you see these kids? Results show that 57 million kids around the world do not get the education they need and 27 million are kids with disabilities. Lucy here is one of them. Lucy’s right leg doesn’t work due to polio, therefore she has to crawl to get around. While her friends are getting education, she is to stay behind. All I ask of you is to help the kids who are disadvantaged.

Please help me into joining the fight for education, for all kids deserve a good education.

(Below doesn’t count towards the challenge)

Also, check out this video, it will explain more about this campaign helping those without education.

Spread the good news, do this weeks 100wc to get the message out. We are making progress in the quest for all kids to go to school.